Advantages of Embryo Transfer


Cherry Lou American Saddlebred from Hundred Acre Wood Farm


Akino warmblood dressage competitor


Streaken Bobby Sox – 2005 AQHA high point barrel racing mare


2008 E.T. Foals from Akino – Flushed on the same day!


Recip mares pregnant with 2009 foals from Akino – Four foals in two years!

Embryo transfer in the horse offers several advantages over natural breeding. One of the biggest advantages is that it allows for multiple offspring in a given year. This enables the breeder to concentrate their efforts on the mares with the best chance of producing superior foals. Economically this allows the brood mare that produces the foals that sell for the most money to be the ones producing the most foals.

Another big advantage of embryo transfer is that it allows a mare who is still actively showing to also produce foals. This can allow the owner with limited space and or time to make the most of the horses they have. In most circumstances we can work around show and training schedules to accomplish the breeding and flushing.

Although the success rate of embryo transfer is much higher with young fertile mares it can also be a means of getting foals from a mare with reproductive problems. Mares with a poor uterine environment can often times succeed in carrying the embryo for seven days until it is flushed out and placed in a young healthy recipient mare.

A benefit of embryo transfer that is frequently overlooked is that it spares your valuable mare the risk of pregnancy and delivery. There are many things that can go wrong during gestation that may put your mares health at risk. Allowing a recipient mare to carry the embryo to term makes producing foals much safer for your mare.


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